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Rodoserv Star, the best pit-stop in Latin America

Rodovia Castelo Branco - km 191

Rodoserv star Rodoserv star

With a total area of 13,510m², the complex stands out for it's dazzling architecture and quality customer service. The main block contains a snack back and a restaurant with over 400 seats and is surrounded by the fuel supply, automotive center, cove red parking lot, interconnecting walkways, food production sector and administrative area. With round forms and a balance-type structure, the main block is composed of a large metallic structure containing the diner and the restaurants, with two covered parking lots on both sides with a 16 meter long balance-type structure over the passenger loading and unloading area specially designed for new Double Deck buses, with comfort and safety.

Rodoserv star

The main block's metallic structure, with 9,338m², used over 220 tons of stainless steel which matched the rigorous structural demands and was projected with a structure to support glass skin wall panel, wall panels, linings and other decorative installment equipments. A technical floor was built over the lining with a height of 4.8 meters for the refrigeration equipments, air conditioning systems, exhaustion ducts, electrical panes and other technical support installments.

The partnership between Estrutel and Jurandyr Bueno Filho's architectural office resulted in an exceptional project with pre-defined technical solutions for all work requirements, making it possible to deliver the project in less time and at a better cost.

The result of this partnership: The best pit-stop in Latin America

Rodoserv start

Total constructed area: 13,510 m²

Rodoserv start

Total weight: 257.8 ton.